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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another one on students

It is a pity to be a student in India. First you succumb to exam pressures. Then you become victims of the Reseration numbers. And then you have to follow strict dress codes. Bangalore University has decided that girls and boys will henceforth sit seperatly in class rooms and there will be a strict dress code for women students. This is the Talibanisation of education. Instead of looking at what people are wearing or whom they are sitting with, why do'nt these Universities concentrate on providing quality education.

What happens if a girl sits next to a boy in the class? Or what happens if a girl wears trousers? Will there be civil unrests? Or will women be more safe if they were salwars. The more moral policing you have in a society the more be the urge to break such rules. On the one hand vote-bank politics made it possible for 18 year olds to vote and choose corrupt MLA's and MP's, but on the other hand they have no right to choose their dresses.

It was Anna Univeristy that took the lead in this matter. It banned women students from wearing jeans, sleeveless tops and t-shirts. Soon male students were also brought into the policing scheme. Jeans and t-shirts were banned for men too. Is there some lobbying by salwar kameez manufacturers. Or is it that the officials were too jealous that they could not wear the clothes that yongsters wear. If not in college when will these students wear such clothes. When they are old and unable to stand.

Be it Bangalore or Anna University, these guys could have gone a step ahead.

They can ask their students to wear the traditional 9-yard sarees for women and men should be dressed in traditional veshti's.

Much better would be to ask women to stay at home.

Introduce uniforms everywhere. In schools, colleges, offices, homes, shops etc. This way we can revive old textile mills like Binny. For instance all school students should be in white and blue. College students in white and khaki. Government office guys in khaki and khaki and private office folks in white and white.

Let's go a little further. We can also have uniforms based on caste and community. So, an OBC or a GC or an ST can be easily identified. Then we can introduce reservation based on this in buses and trains and all public transport systems. There will be toll booths on roads to check the number of SC's and GC's walking on the roads. 69% of all pedestrians in Tamil Nadu will be out of the reserved quota.

India's massive population can be checked by bringing reservation there. We can introduce reservation in marriages and child births. So only 30% of our population will be born in the General category. Any excess born in this category will be sent to the infanticide specialists of Madurai and Haryana.

Arjun Singh, P Chidambaram and that great messiah of the Backward communities - VP Singh - look into these suggestions too.


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