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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Brain Drain issues in India

Manmohan Singh wants to work out plans to stop brain drain from India. Holy crap, how did the issue of brain drain ever enter a politician's mind. So, our politicians want us to stay in India and work there without giving us the opportunity to study.

Singh says (Source:,0008.htm) "We have to think of new ways to stem the haemorrhage of scientific talent from our key technology departments, particularly in today's competitive environment. "

Manmohan Singh should have consulted Arjun Singh before he issued this statement. Because the latter says on reservations "Now there is going to be no re-look at them. This proposal was passed by Parliament unanimously so no party is against it." (Source:

The best option for students who belong to the general category is to migrate to other countries for studies and work. India does not need them.


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