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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Commission and committee politics

Successive governments in India cutting across party lines have many things in common. One such is their love for commission's and committee's. Look at the currently raging issue on Reservation. Our PM has appointed a committee of four ministers to look into the issue. Crores of rupees will now flow into this committee and it will take them anywhere between seven to ten years to come to a conclusion. During which time, there may be another government in place which may decide that it does not want the present members and wants to have its own members. There may be a dozen Public Interest Petitions filed in the meantime, some pro and some against the commission. The limited time and resources of the legal system will also be pulled into all this. That's the tamasha of commissions and committee's.
There once was a revolutionary, a true patriot, a strong leader, an Indian who loved his country above all else. The nation loved him and called him Netaji (Photo Source: 2001/20010819/spectrum/). The British did not like his plans for a free India. He fought for India's freedom from South East Asia. And then it was reported that he died in an air crash on August 18, 1945 in Taiwan. A couple of years later the country got its independence and then began the saga of commission's and committee's to probe into the death of Netaji and to answer questions as to whether he was dead or was he still alive and whether his ashes are in the Rekoji Temple in Japan. Look at some of the Comm's and Commtt's :

1. Shah Nawaz Khan Committee (1956)

2. G D Khosla Commission (1970)

3. Mukerjee Commission (1999 - 2006)

The first one said Netaji had died in that ill-fated air crash on Aug 18, 1945. The second one added that his ashes had been taken to the Renkoji Temple in Japan. Now the third one says there is no conclusive evidence that suggests that there was an air-crash in Taiwan on Aug 18, 1945 or that he ever died. This panel visited Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan etc and examined as many as 130 witnesses. The government is not pleased with this report and has dismissed it. So what was the point in appointing this commission and having spent seven years and crores of rupees? Was it to read a report running into three volumes?

Watch out for some more commission's and committee's on Netaji.


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