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Monday, May 08, 2006

Polls in Tamil Nadu

Polling time again in Tamil Nadu. Some exit polls predict it would be Amma. Some others say it is going to be Karunanidhi. I am wondering do we need exit polls to predict poll results in India. Are poll outcomes so complicated to predict? It is a simple pattern. If it's Amma now, it will be Karunanidhi next. Then it will be Amma again followed by Karunanidhi. TN voters are a fair lot. They give a chance to the two main rivals equally. Their only condition is the name of the party should end with a MK - munnetra kazhagam. Look at the arena have ADMK, DMK, PMK, MDMK, DMDK etc etc. I think all Indian voters are fair enough. If it is the Congress this term, it will be their main rivals next term. Except for Bengal - they have not been giving the Congress any chance there.

Poll times are fun times. TN people love film stars. And TN film stars consider films to be their launch pad to political life. One saw Sarath Kumar saying that he would give his all for the DMK a couple of months back. And then the reverse swing. He shifts allegience to the ADMK citing several reasons. Vaiko, who was sent to prison under POTA by Amma is now joining hands with her. There are no permanent enemies in politics. One of the DMK's candidates, Rehman Khan even campaigned in Hindi. That comes as unusual because the DMK is known for its anti-hindi stance and does not even like Rail boards in Hindi.

P Chidambaram's son Karthi Chidambaram has campaigned for his father's party - I do not know whether that is the Congress or some splinter group of the Congress that supports it. Karunanidhi's son Stalin is into the campaign fray too. The next generation is at its training ground.

Actor Vijayakanth is a new entrant. As all other political entrants he promises 15 kgs of rice. When will Rice politics end in TN?

Amoung the promises of the DMK are that of a Color TV and free cable connection. Mr Karunanidhi, I understand your family runs Sun TV and you want more and more people to watch Sun TV. So, the answer is give people these sops. TV's are going to be offered to help women improve their knowledge. Knowledge, of what, of films and of house-hold wars that are depicted in those popular TV soaps. What about the hungry folks. Can they eat these TV's? Oh well, there is free offer of rice too and free lands (around 8 million acres), gas stoves, electricity etc etc.

Amma goes further. She promises to give Thaali or Magalsutra in gold to poor women as their wedding gifts. She offers 10 kgs of free rice. Some categories of loans are going to be waived. She has promised Computers and bicycles for students.

Hmmm......promises and promises at whose cost? We the foolish tax-payers.

Meanwhile, some election observers sent to TN were seen holidaying at State expense. Why not? Can't they enjoy some small benefits?

Then there is the media war between SUN TV and Jaya TV. The former owned by Karunanidhi's family and the later by Amma.

And the best statement comes from G K Vasan of the Congress. He urges voters to teach the present government a lesson. Why Mr Vasan, why do'nt you do that? We the voters are silent folks who will go through these voting rituals from time to time, so that the political gurus amoung you will survive.

Add to all this is a new party called "Lok Paritran" formed by a group of highly educated youth who come from India's elite institutions. They promise to get rid of corruption (Whew, that's a sweaty job, friends) and give reservation a close.


  • At 6:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Lok paritrana is an another hindu fanatic outfit with a hidden agenda and not suitable for TN. Read the second posting in the page Click Here and decide! They are exposed in TN

  • At 3:15 PM, Blogger The news that I hear said…

    Thanks for that intersting look into Lok Paritran.


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