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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Water or Television

" AGAINST THE SUN: Using newspaper to protect their feet on a hot day, two little girls pump water, even as their brother is busy collecting it. A scene at Narayanavalasu, a suburb in Erode." - PHOTO: M. GOVARTHAN

I came across this interesting photo in today's Hindu (May 24, 2006). Here's the link :

What strikes me here is these young children standing in scorching heat with a newspaper to protect their feet, all for a few buckets of the elixir of life. The old supposedly wise man of Tamil Nadu does not mind spending state funds to provide Television to people, but may surely mind when it comes to providing a solution to the water crisis. Karunanidhi does not understand what life will be without water. The taps of his home may never be dry. Neither does that Champion of the Economy and of the OBC's - P Chidambaram understand this. The water crisis is the result of several years of politics played by countless politicians. If a solution is found to the problem, then it will cease to be a vote-bank issue. So, do'nt solve it. Keep the issue alive for generations.


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