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Friday, June 30, 2006

Farmer suicides

(Picture: Joseph Curiale. Source:

At last PM Manmohan Singh has cared to visit Vidarba - Maharashtra's suicide zone of farmers. It is a shame that Maharashtra's Sharad Pawar is the Agriculture Minister and he has not bothered to visit Vidarba till the current visit with Manmohan Singh. Sharad Pawar appears to be a power hungry person. All that he is interested in is lands, sugar mills and Cricket Board. What took so long for the PM to visit this region? Did the thousands of suicides not move any of these stone-hearted politicians? Hmmmm....that explains why I can never be a politician. Manmohan Singh will now make some spectacular announcements of relief. Then there will be a scam in disbursemenet of that relief and finally there will be a committee which will look into the scam. And, suicides will continue. Agriculture will be neglected. India will import all food grains to feed it's huge population. Price will rise. And the circle will go and on. This is what I see as a lay woman.

On the other hand is the story of an American Composer Joseph Curiale who was moved by the plight of these suicides that he sold his home in California to make money to help the poor widows of these farmers. Joseph started raising funds by selling his compositions and now help has been coming in from other Americans. I salute your spirit Joseph. I am ashamed to call myself an Indian.


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