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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Outstanding students

(Picture Top: Muthuraj with his father. Picture Source: The Hindu)

(Picture bottom: Sarath Babu with his mom and Infosys mentor Narayan Murthy. Picture Source:

I read of a tea vendor's son topping the Orissa Medical Entrance examination. Brilliant, simply brilliant. Rajendra Das works in Kolkata as a tea vendor and worked hard to educate his son Deepak. He sent Rs.3000 a month to his wife in a remote Orissa village to educate his three children and Deepak, true to his name stands as a bright illuminating light today. I hope he gets all the financial help that he deserves to emerge as an outstanding doctor.

Another story is of Sarath Babu who graduated from the prestigious IIM, Ahmedabad. Sarath is the son of a hardworking mother - Deeparamani who worked multiple chores so that she could give her children the best of education. She sold idli's in the morning and worked as a help in the Noon meal scheme in government schools in the noon where she was paid just a rupee a day. Sarath is a brilliant student who graduated in Engineering from BITS, Pilani. He worked for a couple of years in a software firm in Chennai and paid off the loans that his mom had taken to educate him. During his school days he studied under street lights cause there was no electricity at home and yet topped his standard 12 exams. The fact that he had old or torn shirts to wear did not matter. All that mattered to him was his education. After a couple of years at work, he saved enough money to enter IIM, Ahmedabad. Today Sarath is the proud owner of a catering company that provides meals to several IT and BPO's and employs many people. Sarath could have entered the Corporate world earning a fabulous salary, but he wanted to pursue his dream of providing employment to many people.

Another success story is of Muthuraj (Photo Source: The Hindu), the son of an ice cream vendor who has scored excellent marks in standard 12 and topped his school. His father Chitrapandi pedals 30 kms a day and sells ice cream to earn a living. But he always dreamt of providing good education to his children. Although Muthuraj's scores at the Engineering entrance exam's are not too good to help him secure admission into a Government College, he hopes to do Engineering in a private college provided he gets financial help.

Manoj sahoo is this year's 34th rank holder in the Indian Civil Services. He is the son of a tea shop owner from a small village in Orissa. Manoj graduated with a Master's degree in Agriculture and is a gold medallist. While many of today's Civil service aspirants spend huge amounts of money in coaching classes, Manoj spent his time in Public Libraries and did not buy any expensive books.

The stories of all these young achievers is awesome. These are the kind of folks who need quotas to study. Not the sons and daughters of rich OBC's who roam around college campuses flauting their sleek bikes and branded clothes.


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