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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rains, soaring prices and global warming

Prices of vegetables, fruits and essential pulses have been rising like a phoenix in Indian cities. Reason : poor rainfall, new crop dieases, low output etc etc. Tomatoes have become prized. What used to be sold for say Rs.10 - 12 a kilo now goes around Rs. 35 - 50 per kilo. Moong dal sells at a price higher than petrol. At around Rs.65 a kilo, it is no longer affordable for most Indian families.

On the other hand, glaciers in the Himalayas have been melting at a very fast rate. Temperatures have been soaring in India like never before. This is nature's alarm system at work. These melting glaciers will flood the rivers that they feed and a time will come when there will be no glaciers left. With corruption at its highest levels and with nature no longer on man's side, it is time for what the Holy Gita quotes:

Yadha yadha hi dharmsya, glanir bavathi baratha
abyudhanaamadarmasya, thatath manam srujamyaham

Which means:

Whenever there is decay of Dharma and an ascendancy of Adharma then God manifests Himself!


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