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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rape of a 10 year old

Another rape reported in the city of Mumbai is of a 10 year old child labourer. Sonu worked as a maid servant in one of Mumbai's posh localities - Lokandwala. She died after being raped by her employer. Her death was recorded as a suicide. Hundreds of demestic workers protested against the death and the police finally recorded the case as rape and arrested the sister of the accussed. What is atrocious in cases like this is that young children who should be having a care-free childhood are sent away from their parents to work in distant cities. In this case Sonu was sent to work from Bhopal to Mumbai. Poverty and misery must have driven her parents to send their little girl to work. Otherwise which parent would not want a good future for their children. Fate has indeed been cruel to Sonu. First she was sent off to work at a tender age. Second she was cruelly raped and killed. Many more such Sonu's go unreported in India. Many of them merely become an entry in a dusty government file. It is the protesting voice of hundreds of domestic workers that made the police act. Now if the law were to take its course it will take years to arrest the accused who by now would have fled India. The courts will then take their own sweet time. And Sonu will be another forgotten victim of India's great legal system.


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