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Friday, June 09, 2006

Reservation - is it a dead issue now?

After the Medicos called off their strike the issue of reservation is almost dead. But in UP an interesting form of reservation is taking place. There is a 66% reservation in land allotment. Lands are to be allotted to OBC's, MLA's and SC's. And whatever os left to the general category. This is a sure sign that all other states will pick up soon. Very soon this will be introduced in TN. Some years back there was a concept called Samathuvapuram in TN where homes were allotted by the government to people on the basis of their castes. Next time you hear Mayawati talk of Manuvadi politics and blame Manu for all the evils of the caste system in India, think of the benefits that OBC's and others have been getting in the name of caste today. In a related development, a petition has been filed with the Supreme Court questioning Mulayam Singh's assets which the petition states stand at 150 crores.


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