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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Black-out of blogs in India

The Indian government has blocked access to around 18 sites which has affected bloggers from reaching out to their accounts. Shame on India. Instead of taking a tough stand against terrorists, it is choosing to target the Internet world. Probably India can never fight these terrorists the way Isreal does. Learn my dear country, learn to be a tough leader from a small nation like Isreal.

Has any Indian government ever fought to get any Indian hostage back from their kidnappers? The BJP government let a whole air-plane of Indians be hijacked for days where we lost one life and was still going slow and soft on the kidnappers. Maniappan and Suryanarayana were killed, but the governments still had the same stand. Now these terrorists have started killing thousands of Indian lives and disrupting the normal flow of things and the Indian government still continues to romance with them. Shame on the Indian government. How sad that a billion strong nation is silently accepting this .......just like how it has accepted all other non-sense over the years.


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