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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mumbai blasts and India's failed Satellite programmes

Gruesome - another cruel act of terror. The world was shaken yesterday by the seven bomb blasts that rocked the industrious city of Mumbai. All the bombs were placed in the crowded local trains and were set to blast at the peak rush hour evening time when people return from work. Lives have been lost, limbs damaged......and the city is getting back to its usual self.

The Home Minister Sivaraj Patil said that there were Intelligence Reports indicating the blast, but they were clueless about the time and date. What a pitiful joke! When there were reports, then should the Government not have been vigilant? PM, Sonia Gandhi, Thackeray etc etc have all issued statements.....the usual thing. Opposition parties have been attacking the Ruling guys for being soft on the terrorists. Instead of providing concrete solutions, these people sit and blame, blame and blame. High level security meetings have been called. It is high time the Indian Government started acting tough with these terrorists who have been creating havoc in the lives of people in different parts of the world. What is the use of blaming Pakistan always? Take action. What a sad fact that we Indians live close to the biggest terror factory state in the world and yet we offer our medical services to their children!! When Pakistan PM and President condemned the blasts, their statements sounded hollow, devilish and mean.

On another note, India's space programmes provide good entertainment for laughter. India's Agni Missile was a failure and the much talked about Satellite launch also ended in failure. Ha haaaaaaaa. Send all the brilliant guys out of India - do'nt give merit any regard and this is what you get. Sadly, the cost of these failures is from the tax payers money.


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