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Friday, July 07, 2006

Right to Information

Corruption, bribery, red-tapism, inefficient services, indifferent attitude - that is what Indian government officials represent. A bunch of highly corrupt, pan-chewing, tea-slurping, foul-mouthed devils who dwell in the garb of human beings. For years they have been making hay at the cost of the common man. When someone like Jayalalitha attempts to bring punctuality in their work, they fight back and bring her government down. Such a powerful lot. They get what they ask for. Walk into a government office and it is unlikely you will find an official in his seat for more that half an hour. They walk into the office at noon and run off to the tea shop. Then they walk in and out and ask for money from anybody who comes to their table for work. So, finally, the common man has been given Right to Information or RTI to work his way out. RTI gives us a right to inspect government files, to obtain information (except military and certian other notified information), take copies of government documents and to inspect government works. What this means for the common man is next time you apply for a ration card or a passport or an electricity connection or a pension and the Government Babu does not move your papers, all you have to do is file an application under RTI and your work will be done if your papers have been rightly filled in.

To get more information about RTI, the following would be helpful:

National Helpline- 0 92504 92504

SMS RTI (City Name) to 6388 to get venue of camp in your city


Postal address: RTI, Post Bag No 9201, Delhi-92

Several NGO's have been conducting camps in cities and towns across India to help people file applications under RTI and to help prevent bribery.


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