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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

This is politics!

Jaswant Singh, BJP's show-piece, is displaying what politics is and what politicians are meant to do. Singh's book A Call to Honour — In Service of Emergent India has been creating quite a stir. I have not read the book.......but from what I read in the media, Singh has mentioned the existence of a mole in Narasimha Rao's government during the 90's. This mole had supplied Indian secrets to the US. The mole had later moved to US. The media drew its conclusions and named a few suspected people. PM Manmohan Singh asked Jaswant to name the mole. Jaswant sent a letter which he said contained the name of the mole. The PMO said that the letter did not contain anybody's name. Jaswant stuck to hisguns saying he did name the guy. The PMO denied. Finally when Jaswant was asked to testify in the Parliament, he denied having ever stated the name of the mole or even that a mole existed and that the media had mis-interpreted things that he wrote in his book. And it took him so many days to tell us this.


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